Start a group

If you’re inspired to meditate with a community, you can check the map to find the Shambhala group or centre closest to you. But what if it’s too far away?

You can use the Shambhala Meditation App to start a group wherever you are.

Build sessions to play aloud when you practice with a group, whether you simply get together to sit every so often, or you’re interested in a path of practice and contemplation with a community that grows together. The basic meditation instructions and all of the contemplations in the app’s audio library are written by authorized meditation teachers and long-time practitioners – learn more about who they are.

If your group gets inspired to host a program locally with one of these teachers, or other Shambhala teachers, you can invite them to come visit. And if you want to affiliate your group officially with the Shambhala network of groups and centres all over the world, write to for information.